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Who We Are...

Incorpoated in 2003, by group of Technology and Health Sciences Professionals each with over 30 years of experience in their chosen area...

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What We Do...

We always remember that customer satisfaction is the key in our business and providing timely support is critical to customer satisfaction...

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Deliver Results...

We understnad the complexity of your projects, and We deliver Services and Solutions designed for your industry. a new World. Delivered. ...

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Awesome Careers & Benefits
Your day and career will be different with us at Biogensys, we are committed to deliver your future... today.

  • Broader and Extensive Industry Experience

    Global experience to provide you the best platform for growth.
  • Smarter and Flexible Options to Choose

    Professional guidance for professional career by professionals.
  • Well Structured & Built to Deliver

    We believe that each employee can make a difference,

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What people say

  • "There are many staffing companies in US but Biogensys provided me the opportunity even before I realized that I am looking for a job. The team at Biogensys works for you."
  • - JP
  • SAP Consultant
  • "Biogensys delivered the solution with in time and their project management team is the best that I worked with. "
  • - PG
  • Financial Client
  • "We had the best experience with the team and their trainning on post deployment of project is very professional and matured."
  • - CJ
  • Physician
  • "Team at Biogensys is the best and provided the best opportunity with large financial client."
  • - DF
  • Microstrategy Architect